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Lending & Debt Finance

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DashBid Media Inc.

Represented DashBid Media Inc., provider of a real-time, auction-based media selling platform for programmatic video advertising, in connection with a revolving credit facility from Bridge Bank, a...

lender and provider of financial services to early stage companies.

BFS Capital Inc.

Represented BFS Capital Inc. (formerly known as BFS Companies, Inc.), a leading specialty finance company serving small and medium-size businesses, in connection with a $250 Million secured asset-...

based revolving credit agreement with a syndicate of banks led by Wells Fargo Bank, National Association.

Emerging Markets Securities-DE, LLC

Represented Emerging Markets Securities-DE, LLC, the sponsor and collateral manager for $90 million principal amount of 7.65% Collateralized Senior Notes due 2003 issued by Sovereign Trade Credit ...

Corporation and offered through ING (US) Capital LLC and Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation in Regulation S and Rule 144A transactions.

3rd Ward Holdings LLC

Represented 3rd Ward Holding LLC, which operates a multi-disciplinary workspace and urban education center for learning design skills on a professional level, and certain of its subsidiaries, in c...

onnection with a $1,400,000 senior credit facility extended by Next Street Opportunity Fund LLC to its subsidiary, 3rd Ward Philly LLC.

BFS Companies, Inc.

Represented BFS Companies, Inc., a leading specialty finance company serving small and medium-size businesses, in connection with a secured asset-based revolving credit facility provided by a loan...

syndicate led by a national bank.

Health Guru Media, Inc.

Represented Health Guru Media, Inc.,which operates, the web’s leading destination site for health information among 18 to 40 year olds, in connection with a credit facility wi...

th Western Technology Investments.

Safeguard of Delaware, Inc.

Represented Safeguard of Delaware, Inc., a subsidiary of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE), a publicly traded venture capital firm, in connection with a subordinated loan to Portico Systems ...

of Delaware, Inc., a provider of network management solutions for health plans.

MediaMath, Inc.

Represented MediaMath, Inc., a cross-exchange advertising management services and technology company, in connection with a $5,000,000 Loan and Security Agreement with Gold Hill Capital 2008, L.P.

TimeData Corporation

Represented TimeData Corporation, a New York based early stage provider of operations, reporting and management software for small local telephone carriers, in connection with its venture debt fac...

ility with Venture Lending and Leasing, Inc., and the related sale of shares of its Series A Preferred Stock.

Gcommerce, Inc.

Represented GCommerce, Inc., a developer and provider of EDI replacement supply chain management solutions, in connection with a debt financing by Agility Capital.

Blink Twice, Inc.

Represented Blink Twice, Inc., leading firm in the development, manufacturing and marketing of alternative and augmentative communications products, in connection with a growth capital debt financ...

ing by Vencore Solutions LLC.

eFashion Solutions LLC

Represented eFashion Solutions LLC, a provider of technology, call center and fulfillment services to leading fashion brands, in an $8 million term loan and revolving debt financing from ORIX Vent...

ure Finance LLC, which provides enterprise financing to mid- and late-stage venture capital-backed companies via working capital term loans and credit lines.