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Private Equity & Funds Practice

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Inter-Atlantic Energy Capital Ventures, Inc.

Represented Inter-Atlantic Energy Capital Ventures, Inc. in connection with the formation of Inter-Atlantic Energy Capital Ventures, L.P., a private investment firm dedicated to making venture and...

growth capital investments in technology-based businesses focused on the natural gas industry and local gas distribution companies, as well as the broader energy sector.

Silvermine Capital Advisors, LLC

Represented Silvermine Capital Advisors, LLC, in connection with the formation of Comstock Polkadot Fund, L.P., a cryptocurrency private investment fund focused on investments in DOT tokens, the n...

ative token to the Polkadot network.

Cedar Communities GP II, LLC

Represented Cedar Communities GP II, LLC, an investor in assisting living facilities and multifamily housing, in connection with the formation of Cedar Communities Senior Housing Fund, L.P

Overton Venture Capital, LLC

Represented Overton Venture Capital, LLC in connection with the formation of an early stage venture capital fund investing in next generation e-commerce, mobile commerce, consumer retail, and he...

alth and wellness companies.

Armory Square Ventures II, L.P.

Represented fund principals in connection with the formation of Armory Square Ventures II, L.P., an early stage venture fund focused on software, mobile and tech-enabled services companies across...

New York State.

Dot Capital Social GP, LLC

Represented Dot Capital Social GP, LLC, as the general partner in the formation and funding of Dot Capital Social, L.P., a boutique venture capital fund focusing on investments in the social medi...

a space.

Manhattan Venture Partners

Represented Manhattan Venture Partners, a research-driven merchant bank, in connection with the formation of a Canada-based venture capital fund making secondary direct investments in late-stage ...

venture-backed private technology companies.

IA Capital Group, Inc.

Represented IA Capital Group, Inc. in connection with the formation of Inter-Atlantic Stonybrook Insurtech Ventures II, L.P., a private investment fund that provides venture and growth equity capi...

tal for financial services and financial technology companies, with a particular focus on property/casualty and/or life/health insurtech investments.

New Heights Capital LLC

Represented New Heights Capital LLC, a private equity firm focused on buyouts, recapitalizations and growth equity investments in middle market companies, in connection with the formation of a sp...

ecial purpose investment vehicle and its related acquisition of an ownership stake in the leading provider of billing and payment processing software and management tools to the health and fitness industry.

Elevate Innovation Partners

Represented fund principals in the formation and initial funding of Elevate Innovation Partners, a venture capital fund that focuses on investments in early to mid-stage fintech, enterprise softw...

are, marketing analytics and new media platform companies  based on the East Coast, with selective investments in India, Germany and Netherlands.

Uncommon Denominator GP, LLC

Represented Uncommon Denominator GP, LLC, in connection with the formation of Uncommon Denominator, L.P., a venture capital fund investing primarily in technology-enabled consumer brands and soft...

ware businesses.

Zeno Ventures, Ltd.

Represented Zeno Ventures, Ltd. in the formation of Zeno Ventures Master Fund, L.P., Zeno Ventures Offshore, L.P. and Zeno Ventures Fund, L.P., which invest primarily in seed and early-stage Sili...

con Valley-based, scalable internet and software-enabled businesses across various sectors and industries.