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Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

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GuarantR and Julien Bonneville

Represented defendants GuarantR, Inc. and Julien Bonneville in the action captioned MacDonald v. GuarantR, Inc., et al., Index No. 655050/2019 (New York County, Comm. Div.) and successful...

ly defeated breach of stock option agreement claim and related tortious interference claim on summary judgment.

Reitler represented a client in the successful defense of a $55 million claim brought before a New York arbitration panel, and procured a ruling in the client’s favor on its counterclaim.

New York Health Club

Successfully obtained a dismissal for our client, a New York Health Club, of an alleged false certification claim before the Environmental Control Board of New York City.

SwissINSO S.A.

Successfully represented our client, SwissINSO S.A., in a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution proceeding (UDRP) before the National Arbitration Forum. The NAF panel ruled in favor of our client...

, compelling the transfer of the disputed domain name back to our client.

Successfully represented a former senior executive of Interview Magazine in New York State Supreme Court on a motion to vacate an arbitration award against her in her claim for wrongful terminatio...

n. The arbitrator had awarded attorneys’ fees and costs in the amount of approximately $370,000 in favor of Interview. RKR, which had not been involved in the arbitration, was retained to prepare papers on an expedited basis. RKR persuaded the state court judge to vacate the attorneys’ fees award in favor of Interview and to remand the matter for additional proceedings.

Petroterminal de Panama

Successfully represented Petroterminal de Panama, which owns and operates an oil pipeline and storage facility in Panama, in procuring the dismissal by summary judgment of a $45 million indemnific...

ation claim asserted against our client in the New York courts.

Tesoro Corporation

Represented Tesoro Corporation, a major independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products, in the successful defense of claims, and the successful prosecution of a counterclaim (including the...

award of attorneys fees), in an arbitrated action. The three arbitrators unanimously decided in favor of Tesoro Corporation.

NIC Holding Corp. (Northville)

Represented NIC Holding Corp. (Northville), a New York based petroleum supply, distribution and trading company, and a major market maker in the gasoline and heating oil markets in the Northeast a...

nd Gulf Coast, in connection with its claim for lost profits and hedging losses incurred due to a late delivery of a gasoline cargo to the Gulf Coast in October 2005. After the trial commenced, the case was settled with NIC Holding receiving a multi-million dollar payment.

Vitol S.A., Inc.

Represented Vitol S.A., Inc., an oil-trading company, in obtaining a $1.7 million judgment against Koch Oil on a summary judgment motion, representing 100% of the compensatory relief requested in ...

the action.

The Mouawad Group

Represented The Mouawad Group in the Southern District of New York defending Mouawad’s late filed claims to share in the settlement of the Christie’s and Sotheby’s Auction Houses Antitrust L...


Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT)

Represented Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT) in successfully dismissing National Casualty Company’s claim that Lockheed Martin was barred from pursuing its insurable loss based upon a one...

year statute of limitation.