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Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

Reitler’s Commercial Litigation & Arbitration practice is uniquely defined by the diversity and scope of the businesses we serve and an unyielding focus on obtaining the best outcome possible in any given matter.

Our exceptional attorneys have earned a reputation for both our legal and technical skills as well as our practical approach to resolving disputes. We pride ourselves on establishing a deep understanding of our clients’ respective industry and consistently offer advice and counsel that is appropriate to their long-term strategic goals. This entrepreneurial perspective, which blends both deep business acumen and strong advocacy skills, has enabled us to approach litigation in a cost-effective manner with minimal disruption to our clients’ businesses.

Our attorneys are frequently engaged to provide counsel in business disputes involving breach of contracts, corporate ownership, partnership or stakeholder claims, insurance disputes and breach of fiduciary duty.

When possible, we will work with adversaries to resolve matters in a mutually acceptable manner. This would include minimizing litigation through alternative dispute resolution channels. We will not, however, hesitate to deploy every resource at our disposal consistent with the law to pursue the most aggressive strategy possible in order to secure an outcome favorable to our client.