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Venture Advisory Services

  • Advise our client on positioning and presentation strategy to investors to maximize their potential for a successful capital raise.
  • Executive coaching tailored for venture capital fund raising •Make introductions to a target list of pre-qualified venture investors in our network.
  • Provide support services throughout the fund raising process.
  • Consult on financing terms.
  • Organize due diligence process.

Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting

Today’s global business landscape has accelerated the need to grow and achieve critical mass in the marketplace, but also offers broader opportunities to accelerate growth via M&A opportunities and other liquidity events. Reitler Advisory works closely with our clients to position themselves to acquire or be acquired, or to monetize the value of specific assets. Our team provides assistance based on their depth of experience and expertise to develop sales and acquisition strategies and select suitable partners. We can also help clients to enhance the acquisition value of their business by assisting with near-term strategies to meet or exceed specific industry metrics valued by potential acquirers.

Financial Consulting

For our clients to achieve their business and growth objectives, a critical component to ensure successful capital activities is the development of a sound capital structure plan and proper preparation of business and financial plans. We can offer invaluable support to our clients in these areas in advance of any capital raising activities, or potential M&A or asset sales activities. Investor communications is critical to maintaining a positive partnership with shareholders, lenders and other interested parties. Reitler Advisory can assist with the development of an effective communications program and provide implementation support to allow management to focus on business growth.

Business Strategy Consulting

Reitler Advisory can offer to our clients the collective wisdom and experience of our team and network of specialist advisors to qualify the soundness of their business strategies and business development plans. We can provide assistance with the development of distribution and partnering arrangements, leveraging core competencies, and implementation of expansion plans. In addition, we offer advice on marketing strategies and programs as well as assist with execution.

Valuations Consulting

Understanding the value of an asset is critical to any number of activities, such as valuation of employee stock options, and negotiations during merger or acquisition discussions. Reitler Advisory offers valuation services that covers a broad range of assets, including business, intellectual property, and financial assets.