General Corporate

Reitler’s corporate attorneys are specialists in assisting businesses to enter, operate and grow.  We have counseled hundreds of entrepreneurs starting new businesses, advising on the formation of companies, equity structures, corporate governance, intellectual property rights and other vital issues.

A growing company will, at different stages, likely need to protect intellectual property, acquire products or businesses or dispose of poorly performing ones, expand and incentivize its workforce, raise private or public equity or debt, and solidify corporate governance.  The Corporate practice at Reitler takes a multi-faceted approach to each individual client.  This involves understanding the immediate goals each client hopes to achieve with the deal at hand while also recognizing their longer term aspirations, striving to ensure the safeguarding of such in our pursuit of the optimal outcome. The Practice’s track record spans multiple decades and has included the representation of myriad of clients in all manners of transactions. This deep set of experiences informs our philosophy of vigorously representing our clients in the present while never losing sight of the future implications of each term on their ability to accomplish other company objectives.